Monday, April 14, 2008

Sing Along With The Grasshoppers Featuring Eddie Maynard Stereo Version

Sing Along With The Grasshoppers Featuring Eddie Maynard Stereo Version Pirouette Records FM-56 released in 1959. This is the stereo version of the same album in my previous post. The songs are in a slightly different order than the Mono album and the artwork is slightly different.

Track listing is as follows:
Side One
Chipmunk Song
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
On Top Of Old Smokey
Little Tin Soldier And Little Toy Drum
Glow Worm
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Side Two
When The Saints Go Marching In
Alvin's Harmonica
I've Been Working On The Railroad
Counting Song
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy


Don't call me Kathy! said...

Thank you for posting this! I had this album when I was a kid and still have it almost 50 years later, although the cover is long gone (my brothers tore it up!). Whoever Eddie Maynard was, he sure had a sweet voice. Loved listening to it again. You made my day.

Susan said...

You're quite welcome. I had a similar story with my album. I had lost the jacket a long time ago and then found a copy of this album at a thrift store but the record label was different and it was in Stereo on Pirouette Records but basically the jackets were the same.

Then another time I came across it again but it was the mono version. And the MONO one was on Spin-O-Rama Records.

My original record was on Spin-O-Rama records.

Thanks for visiting my blog


C.A. Chicoine said...

Same here! Only it was my brother's album. The song arrangements and vocals are much more better than the Chipmunk albums, IMHO. I've been trying to find out more about Eddie Maynard. So, if anybody reading this knows where I can find more information about him, please do let me know.

I created a MySpace to share some of the Grasshopper music.

Susan said...

I tried a quick Internet search and found a couple "Eddie Maynard and His Orchestra" but they really didn't go into anything about him, just a few album releases so I don't know if it is the same Eddie Maynard or not.